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Historical Timeline

1950 - 1990 | The Interim Years

1950 - 1990

Walsh (middle) between Jane Stelkia (left) and Francis Baptiste (right)
Walsh (middle) between Jane Stelkia (left)
and Francis Baptiste (right), 1976
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  • Mr. A. F. O Leary is hired in June and resigns in September.
  • Mr. Kenneth Holt is hired in September of 1950.
  • Walsh opens Benedict Labre house in Montreal to feed and shelter homeless men in the city.
  • A CBC radio broadcast provides an overview of Mr. Walsh and his efforts at the Inkameep school, as well as what happened to the children once the school was closed down.
  • Francis Baptiste resumes his painting career for a short time.
  • The Inkameep Reserve gets electricity.
  • A show on Inkameep paintings is broadcast on CBC Times. The CBC prepares special radio programs on the Children of Inkameep.
  • Anthony Walsh receives an honorary doctorate from Concordia University for his dedication to the plight of Montreal's poor and homeless.
  • Friends and former students gather for a reception at Okanagan College to greet Anthony Walsh. "The Inkameep years were probably the most important of my life," Mr. Walsh said.
    News Clipping: Warm Welcome for Dr. Anthony Walsh; April 1, 1976
    News Clipping: "Warm Welcome for Dr. Anthony Walsh"; April 1, 1976
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  • Anthony Walsh receives the Ignace Bourget Award from the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Montreal for his work with the poor and homeless.
  • Anthony Walsh is named a Companion to the Order of Canada for his work with the Inkameep Day School and Benedict Labre House.


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