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1942 | The Rise to Fame of the Inkameep Day School and its Child and Youth Artists


Can-oos-sez Skay-loo Program, 1942
Can-oos-sez Skay-loo Program
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  • An exhibition of Indian Arts and Crafts and a presentation of plays by the Can-Oos-Sez Skay-Loo players take place at the Osoyoos Community Hall. All proceeds go to the B.C. Indian Spitfire Fund resulting in the largest single donation to the fund in the province.
  • Inkameep Student Ernest Baptiste leaves to serve with His Majesty's Forces in Great Britain.
  • Inkameep art is exhibited at the University of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. and locally in Penticton and Osoyoos.
  • The last year that Inkameep art is submitted to the Royal Drawing Society's War Time Competition. Edith Kruger won a Silver Star for her picture of the Indian Nativity Play and Johnny Stelkia won a Bronze Star for his picture of Dancing Animals, and Bertha Baptiste won a Bronze Star for her beadwork design of a deer and a fawn.
  • "The Three Wise Chiefs and the Star" by Clotilla (Bertha Baptiste) is made available in Christmas postcard form.

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  • Exhibition of Inkameep art at the Provincial Museum in Victoria.
  • Mr. Walsh resigns as teacher of the Inkameep Day School to join the Legion as part of the war effort. He is first stationed in Port Alberni, and then transferred to Gordon Head, Victoria in 1944 to the Casualty Retraining Centre.
    Catalogue Image: 1036, Mr. Walsh in wartime uniform
    Mr. Walsh in wartime uniform
    Catalogue Image: 1036
    Walsh resignation letter
    Walsh resignation letter
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  • Several children from Inkameep begin to attend the residential school, St. Mary's at Cranbrook, B.C. Others discontinue their education.
  • Francis Baptiste stops painting


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