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Historical Timeline

1932 - 1935 | The Beginning of the Inkameep Day School Art Program

1932 - 1935

Catalogue Image: 1980-27-1, Anthony Walsh, Inkameep Day School 1942

Anthony Walsh, Inkameep Day School 1942
Catalogue Image: 1980-27-1
  • Anthony Walsh arrives at the Osoyoos Indian Day School at the age of 33 after teaching for one year at the Okanagan Indian Day School in Vernon, B.C. for one year.
  • The Osoyoos Indian Day School is renamed the Inkameep Indian Day School because of difficulty receiving mail to the school. The school's location was closer to Oliver, B.C. (8 miles distance) than to Osoyoos, B.C. The new name was chosen to lessen this confusion.
  • Inkameep Indian Day School has first entry in the Royal Drawing Society Annual Exhibition at Guidhall. Edward Baptiste (age 14) submits 2 sheets of Decorative Composition that secured one first-class commendation, two second-class and two third-class commendations.
  • Catalogue Image: 1963-113-024, Nature Study

    Nature Study, by Ernest Baptiste
    Catalogue Image: 1963-113-024
  • Mr. Walsh begins to devote 15 minutes per day towards arts and crafts in an effort to develop an art program at the school based on the traditions of the Okanagan people.


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