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Historical Timeline

1914 - 1930/31 | The Osoyoos Indian Day School

1914 - 1931

Catalogue Image: 0073

Catalogue Image: 0073
  • Batiste George of the Osoyoos Indian Band writes to Ottawa and asks for a school to be built on the reserve.
  • Chief Batiste again writes to Ottawa requesting a school, and states the band will supply wood and light and provide a building.
  • Chief Batiste hires John Norwood, a Black man who married into the Penticton band as the teacher for the school after failing to hear of progress on his request for a school from Ottawa.
  • John Norwood resigns
  • Miss Christina McLeod is hired to teach at the Osoyoos Indian Day School.
  • Miss Gertrude Hozier is hired to teach. She resigns in July of 1922.
  • Miss Helen E. McDonald is hired in January and resigns in September.
  • The Osoyoos Indian Band is authorized to build a school building using its own funds. The building is complete March of 1924.
  • Mrs. Alice Lakeland is hired in March and resigns a year later in March of 1925.
  • The Roman Catholic church insists that the Osoyoos Indian Day School remain closed until a Roman Catholic teacher is found to teach, despite qualified teachers being available at the time who were not Roman Catholic.
  • Miss Mary Wadel is hired to teach in September and remains at the school until 1930.
  • Records are unclear when Mr. F.G.M. Grist was hired to teach at the Osoyoos Indian Day School; however, he was the teacher who Mr. Anthony Walsh replaced in September of 1932.


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